Hanjaya Internasional

We believe that our customers will be greatly benefited from our unique capabilities. Our core services are:

  1. CONSULTING, We provide strategic planning, creating technological roadmap, field trial and feasibility study. Hardware and software design. We also provide traning and workshop.

  2. INTEGRATION, We help our customers to integrate our solution with their existing technology whether is is provided by us or others.

  3. IMPLEMENTATION, We understand that good product by itself is not sufficient. It needs to be implemented in proper way to improve efficiency, effectiveness and better business process. We provide not only the right products but also the right person to implement our solution.

  4. SUPPORT AND MAINTENANCE, We stand behind our solutions. We will provide support through the life of our products/solution.

Some of the Products that we carry:

  • Terrestial Digital TV Transmitters Solution
  • Portable Wireless multimedia communication
  • Transport Stream Redundancy fail over switch
  • Transport Stream Converter
  • Wireless IP based Communication for Rural or harsh condition environment
  • Land to Ship Data and multimedia communicaton
  • Military grade Multimedia communication solution
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